Here's where to place your bio. The first paragraph should have your name, (Kim Sedore), where you're from (left field), a description of your music (unpredictable yet repetitive, always cuter than I'd hope for ... I wish I could sound more raw, but it's pretty basic music with a heavy emphasis on the lyric.  I write songs when I have a point to make.  It's usually about experiences relating to love and to the natural world, or some interesting hopefully helpful connection I made in my mind), and what's currently going on in your career (re-con-naissance). If you have any quotes from media or industry people, include one here ("The music is good, but you need to work on your resume.")

The 2nd and 3rd paragraphs should tell your story. Find an interesting way to explain your musical history without spelling out each step from childhood until now. (...) Describe what sets you apart from everyone else, including some of your most attention-grabbing career highlights. (I once ripped the stage curtain down at a dance bar on Granville Street in Vancouver.  That was before I identified as a song writer, but it was definitely attention-grabbing.) 

Conclude your bio by summarizing what's going on in your career, and what's coming up next. Include a call-to-action to contact you for more information, to check out your music, or to sign up to your mailing list. (I've been writing lots of songs.  I've been recording them.  Up next: I would like to sell the music for money and be hired to play the music for people who put their bodies in the same places I do.  I do believe it's called putting on a concert.)