Because I had the thought.  Because I long to be known.  It's impulsive action.  It's fun.  It's selfish.  It's a reaching out, a tossing of oneself into outer space, hoping for a sprig in a beak but, before that, rising from what feels like the dead.  I've been smashed. I've been curled up in a ball. I've gone blank behind the eyes, in public.  I've prayed to be raised like mist over water because I'm built to bloom in sunlight and I have a memory of being shy.  This adds more heat.  That memory was not my own.  I am not shy, I'm observant and that can be distracting.  I am addicted to vulnerability because I'm addicted to increasing the number of scenarios where people are being beautiful in the way that you are when you embrace a person in their nakedness, for their nakedness.  There are so many layers beyond the skin.  I feel like it's my responsibility to go deeper.  Metal recognizes itself as something alive when it flows in blood.  Life is everywhere.  There's a hunger to this, it's wreckless and relentless.  I am driven to connect dots and to go beyond pointing at love.  This is a way to hit flint, to press buttons, where minding my business is minding not only mine - but to find you.  With smoke signals.  Like Morse code, with soul in it.  My peeps and pops.